A cloud-based trials platform for enterprises who conduct trials is built to address five key needs of field experiments:

  • Accurate capturing and recording of phenotypic data
  • Data storage and management
  • Data analytics and visualisation
  • Collaboration and data sharing tools for the research team
  • Effective dissemination of reports from the scientific experiment to all stakeholders

KisanHub connects disparate datasets from multifarious sources to help you:

  • Uncover hidden patterns
  • Spot trends ahead of the curve
  • Benefit from hitherto unknown insights
  • Decide better, focus sharper and grow more

KisanHub Trials Platform is built in collaboration with UK's largest trials provider, NIAB and is ideal for the companies who conduct field trials to test new varieties, plant protetion products or new agronomy pratices. The platform is a bundle of apps to capture, store and manage weather, farm, field and crop research data from small plots, field scale plots or commercial fields.

What's inside Trials Platform?

  • Locate farm, draw field and crop boundaries
  • Record and track crop level operations
  • Monitor crop growth and track field inventory
  • Obtain derived indices like NDVI, LAI for your crop from satellite images
  • Upload and overlay drone imageries
  • Field level weather forecast and actual observations
  • Connect automated weather stations and various field sensors
  • Access and visualise open weather/climate datasets
  • Receive weather notifications on mobile app
Trials App
  • Create and manage experimental protocols
  • Draw/upload field boundaries, plan plot layouts and create them
  • Record, aggregate and analyse plot level assessment data
  • Monitor trials progress through trial diary
  • Upload and overlay aerial imagery
  • Share plot level data and collaborate with multiple research teams
  • Compare products easily when recommending or ordering
  • Select the most appropriate product for a situation
  • Understand aquatic and arthropod buffer zone requirements
  • Access an extensive document library of pesticide labels, MSDS, EIS and tank mixes
MyReports and MyDocs
  • Centralised store for all of your content and reports
  • Search, filter and have access to alerts and push notifications
  • Subscribe and access content from one or more enterprise

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