Make better business decisions by using hyper
local data points provided in an
efficient, expedient and economical way.

We integrate a wide range of heterogeneous yet highly relevant data for growers. With public and private RESTful APIs, we deliver valuable actionable insights from seemingly disparate data sets.

Our API services power some of the most critical decisions that our customers take on a daily basis. Whether in-house or third-party, we help ease and automate data movement across products, platforms, applications and ERP and IT systems of our customers.

We have very useful datasets which you can access via API e.g. hyper-local weather, geo-spatial analytics, geo-tagged soil water balance models and irrigation scheduling, fertiliser and nutrient recommendation engines, pest and disease monitors etc.  

Choose your data feed type as per your specific requirement:

  • Raw Data: Untouched data provided on “as is where is” basis
  • Derived Data: A layer of basic analytics atop the raw data
  • Enriched Data: In-depth and custom analytics

Key Features

Data Mobility

Seamless API-led data movement across various IT, ERP and third-party systems.

Guaranteed Uptime

Guaranteed 99.9% uptime to power your systems at all times.

Activity Dashboard

User friendly dashboards to accurately map your API consumption.

Security & Privacy

Secured network to deliver the data feed with mandatory OAuth 2.0 authentication.

Simplified billing

Simple, flexible, transparent and scalable pricing models.

Swift Support

Dedicated developer support team to swiftly address your problems.

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