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KisanHub is a software platform which connects agri-enterprises with growers to deliver actionable insights to both growers and the enterprise staff. The software helps users to manage crops better and helps enterprises to understand the risk and uncertainty in the supply chain. The platform is used by large agri-enterprises in the UK and recently we started our marketing activities in India. 

In India, the software platform is currently used by Sahyadri Farmer’s Producer Company Ltd (SFPCL) based near Nashik. SFPCL is India’s leading Table Grape exporter supplying into large supermarkets in the UK and Europe. SFPCL management has a technical mindset and they are determined to take science closer to the farm to help growers grow more using less resources. SFPCL provides in-season agronomy advice to their growers so that growers use crop protection products and nutrients at the right time and in a right quantity. This is often a challenge when the growers are small holding farms and when there is little or no data available.  

With KisanHub, SFPCL is moving from limited data to well defined and more accurate data state. SFPCL Agronomists and Field Staff is using KisanHub platform to provide in-season agronomy advice to the growers. As a part of the implementation, we proposed SFPCL to deploy 10 Automated Weather Stations (AWS) and bring farm, field, crop, soil, operations records and weather data in one place. The weather data from these AWSs arrives on KisanHub platform and is used for disease monitors and for planning field operations. The AWS data is supplemented with the interpolated dataset which we collect automatically for each field. 

AWS at Mohadi, Nashik

Fig 1: AWS at Mohadi

The web platform is primarily used by office based staff. The growers interact with the platform using Android and iOS app. The app has a local language (Marathi) support and it shows planned activities, weather forecast, actual weather notifications and disease alerts. 

GPM Alert

Fig 2: Mobile app (name of the farm is scrubbed for data privacy reasons)

Grape Powdery Mildew Alert

Fig 3: Grape powdery mildew alert on the web dashboard

The SFPCL growers are innovative and are willing to embrace the technology to run their operations efficiently. It was nice to see an overwhelming response of growers and excitement about the newly launched app. As large number of farmers are associated with SFPCL, this app has helped to bring agronomists, field staff and growers on the same platform and enabled them to take data based decisions to improve farm productivity and efficiency.

Grower Training

Fig 4: Grower training at SFPCL

At KisanHub we have been working on web and mobile application for growers and agricultural enterprises for about four years. It has been a long and exciting journey. Capturing the data and doing something meaningful with it, especially in agriculture sector, is not that straightforward and easy. This is just a beginning, there is a long way to go and deliver actionable insights to the users.

If you need to know how KisanHub can help your enterprise grow more using less resources, please get in touch with us using our Contact Form and we will be happy to organise a demo.


-Vrushali (@Vrushali_adsul)

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