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Using farm and field data to make important decisions

KisanHub provides a software platform which connects enterprises with growers to deliver actionable insights. Agriculture is a hard and complex business. The right decisions in this business are often based on multiple data inputs. Our software integrates multiple datasets and helps enterprises and their growers take smart decisions. This article is a case study on how KisanHub is working with multiple players in the industry to connect the Potato supply chain and helping them take informed decisions about their operations. 

Interactive, online crop forecasting system allow growers and producer groups to collect data about their crops and produce real-time forecasts of how yield is developing throughout the season. It is designed to integrate and add value to data that are frequently measured in commercial crops, for example, canopy size and bulking digs, by producing forecasts of yield development. 

Getting the most out of the platform 

So how can your business use data wisely to get the maximum value out of data?

Use data wisely

KisanHub offers decision support tools for agri-businesses. Data collection on the platform is used to drive improvements in yield and quality. Crop management is used throughout to reduce costs for better profitability combined with reducing the risk across the entire farm - Grow More : Use Less

KisanHub's platform has been developed for large agri-enterprises to improve production alongside their growers. Being able to connect enterprise staff with their growers and other service providers like agronomists, sensor providers, aerial image suppliers to visualise farm data efficiently is at the heart of the platform. The decision support tools are built on top of this platform and exposed via crop specific apps. 

In the section below, I will explain what exactly does Potato Dashboard do and how is it helping growers grow more using less resources. The dashboard is built in partnership with NIAB CUF and integrates with their Potato Yield Model (PYM). 

Fig 1: Potato crop - 2017 Season

Potato Dashboard

Potato Dashboard helps users manage crop by being able to view all crop related datasets in one place. The figure below shows the milestone summary management of all the crops. 

Potato App - Milestone Summary

Fig 2: Milestone summary for the crop

The figure below shows how dashboard benchmarks all crops on the platform. This intelligence benefits both on-farm and supply chain profitability and is used by growers, agronomists and commercial organisations in the UK, mainland Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the USA. 

Crop benchmarking

Fig 3: Crop benchmarking

Data collection from the mobile app and satellite imagery provides all season's progress of ground cover. 

Groundcover progress

Fig 4: Groundcover progress

Yield model predictions to maximise crop value

The output of Potato Yield Model is shown below. Just 50 days after the crop has hit 50% emergence, the model shows where that specific crop is heading. Whatever the customised size grading, it will allow you to see when you will achieve the maximum yield in each size bracket.  

Potato yield model

Fig 5: Potato yield model


Once the farm and fields have been added for each grower, AgroMet forecasts and actual weather data seamlessly integrates with the crop data to give updates of the crop progress. If you have your own weather stations or field sensors, add these to pull that data directly onto the platform to combine numerous sources to increase accuracy of the weather data. Manual overrides can also be added if rain gauges give different readings to the hyper local weather data the platform automatically generates. 


Fig 6: Agromet

Keep up to date with the progress of planting on the platform in reports. This will give a good estimate of which crops will need to have field inspections and canopy covers in each crop. 

Planting progress

Fig 7: Planting progress

New features - 2018 season

In the 2018 growing season, KisanHub is making data collection even easier to forecast yields through satellite image analysis. Satellite imagery has been introduced in MyFarm which captures the Leaf Area Index (LAI) and Normalised Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) of the entire cropped area which will add more accuracy when looking at the end results. The addition of satellite imagery to measure canopy development across the whole field will supplement the Canopy Check mobile images. 

Satellite image of cropped area

Fig 8: Satellite imagery

Also, available now for enterprise customers: 

  • Burn down modeller with financial scenario analysis
  • Notifications sent out via our mobile app to provide in season updates
  • Analytics to manage lab and store data
  • Editable field inventory and customised size grades to manage all your crops in one place
  • Integrate with your existing software or current data collection systems through our data transfer service

Don't just record your crop, manage it better

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