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AB InBev 100+ Accelerator

KisanHub have been given some amazing opportunities recently, and it is a reflection on the hard work that the team has put in to get such great results. If you follow us on Twitter (if not - why not! @kisanhub), you will have seen that recently we were p

Q & A Series Part 1 - Customer Success Manager

As part of a new series of blog posts that will continue throughout the year, we are going to be talking to different members of the team to get their perspective on what it is like to work for KisanHub. To start the series off, we took some time with one

KisanHub Enterprise Platform: Getting the Most Value Out of Data

Using farm and field data to make important decisions KisanHub provides a software platform which connects enterprises with growers to deliver actionable insights. Agriculture is a hard and complex business. The right decisions in this business are often

KisanHub Enterprise Platform: Table Grapes

KisanHub is a software platform which connects agri-enterprises with growers to deliver actionable insights to both growers and the enterprise staff. The software helps users to manage crops better and helps enterprises to understand the risk and uncertai

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