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KisanHub have been given some amazing opportunities recently, and it is a reflection on the hard work that the team has put in to get such great results. If you follow us on Twitter (if not - why not! @kisanhub), you will have seen that recently we were picked as 1 of 21 companies by AB InBev to join their first 100+ Accelerator cohort.

AB InBev owns over 500 beer brands including: Budweiser, Corona and Stella Artois… so chances are that you will have sampled several of their beers!

What is the 100+ Accelerator

AB InBev is  highly committed to sustainability and has recently published their own 2025 sustainability goals and self titled them ‘our most ambitious yet’ - focused on Smart Agriculture, Water Stewardship, Circular Packaging, Climate Action and Smart Drinking. The 100+ Accelerator was therefore set up to partner on these challenges with scientists, technologists, and promising entrepreneurs around the world to help drive the progress of these goals.

More than 600 companies submitted their applications across all 10 of the sustainability challenges. Only 21 were finally selected - and KisanHub were 1 of that 21! Such a great achievement for the team, and we are so excited to be a part of the project.

Maisie Devine, Global Director of the 100+ Accelerator said:  “We were blown away by both the number and quality of  the startups that applied to the accelerator. Even our most  experienced subject matter experts had a tough time prioritizing which  companies they wanted to participate in the program this year but we narrowed  it down to 21 finalists from 12 countries across 5 continents. All of the finalists  are passionate about solving critical sustainability challenges”.

So what challenge are KisanHub going to help to solve?

One of AB InBev’s sustainability goals is Smart Agriculture - they want 100% of their farmers skilled, connected and financially-empowered by 2025. Currently, Ab InBev have 50,000 growers globally growing barley for their beers. Of that number, 35,000 of them are small holders in Africa and Asia, and 3,200 are currently growing barley in India for domestic production. We have already built a crop intelligence platform with the aim to give growers the knowledge they need to make better informed decisions, to be better connected and we operate it in India.

“I highly believe in the potential of KisanHub to bring positive value to our farmers community with tools locally adapted to our farmer’s needs. We will provide KisanHub with our experience in growing malting barley, the network of farmers we build along the years and as such hope to speed KisanHub’s progress and impact in India” Diane Wauters, Sustainability Director APAC.

How will our team and platform tackle this?

We believe we are unique as a SaaS company within agriculture in that with our software as a service we also provide assistance from a dedicated customer success team. As we currently mainly operate in the UK and India, this is where our customer success teams are also based, which is perfect for the project we are running as it will be based in India. The knowledge gained by our customer success team in India, will enable us to hit the ground running with the project. We plan to install ten weather stations in the Ganganagar region which will collect hyper local weather data to feed into the agronomy advisory services, along with our satellite imagery data to provide agronomists with the information to pass down to growers.

Our customer success team in India, lead by Gaurav Shah - Head of Customer Success, will then begin onboarding farmers. By February 2019, the team will have onboarded over 1000 farmers and be collaborating with around 10 agronomists from the AB InBev SmartBarley Team.

How will our software help these AB InBev barley growers?

Using our software, growers will map their farms, fields and crops which can then be viewed on their mobiles or on the platform. They will then begin to receive notifications from the agronomy teams, with timings for things such as optimum irrigation times, pest and disease warnings and agronomic advice.

Regional procurement sustainability teams will also be able to view the data being collated, and use it as part of their management strategies.

Throughout the process our customer success team will be on hand to help the growers working with the software, and to ensure that they are getting the maximum value out of the project.

What does the 100+ Accelerator programme look like?

The programme will run from October of this year through to March of next year. The first session has already taken place - our COO Giles has taken part in AB InBev accelerator bootcamp in New York, bringing together the 21 start-ups for the first time. In case you were wondering - the rumour was that yes, the offices in New York had beer on tap! (We have put in a request to the office manager for this in our Cambridge office.. watch this space!)

The programme will involve opportunities for mentoring, corporate development and open doors to potential investors, and allow KisanHub to have the chance to scale our platform even more widely across the globe.

“This pilot is only the beginning of a long journey together. If the pilot is successful, we aim to scale up to 100% of our farmers by the end of 2019 in India and bring it to other countries very quickly” Diane Wauters. And so that said - this is a massive opportunity for us as a business and we can’t wait to roll the project out!

We will be back soon with an update from India. If you want to know anymore about the project - please get in touch:

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