Environment Agency Rainfall API Integration

The Environment Agency has approximately 1,000 rain gauges across England. Measurements of the amount of precipitation (mm) are captured in Tipping Bucket Raingauges (TBR) and the readings are transmitted using their telemetry system. In Feb 2017, EA anno

Fusarium Ear Blight Risk Alert

Checking the potential risk of Fusarium Ear Blight in your Wheat crops has just got easier with the launch of NIAB’s latest disease modelling service for NIAB TAG members this week.

NIAB's Digital Transformation, Powered by KisanHub

NIAB, based in Cambridge, UK, is a major international centre for plant research, crop evaluation and agronomy. With nearly 100 years of experience, it has an internationally recognised reputation for independence, innovation and integrity.

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Reflecting on 2016

2016 had been craziest, busiest in every single possible way and we are very pleased that the team has delivered on all fronts. Our vision is to make KisanHub as an operating system of the farm and to aggregate every single key piece of data to help growe

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