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True Agricultural Intelligence

KisanHub is an Enterprise SaaS platform providing actionable insights across the supply chain for the agri-food industry.

The ways in which we produce and consume food are no longer fit for purpose.

From more than 14,000 edible plant species, only 150-200 are used by humans and just three - rice, wheat and maize - account for 60 percent of all calories consumed by humans. Disruption and disease to these crops could create serious supply problems.

KisanHub gives you the power to proactively manage your supply chain so you can identify and resolve risks, make large scale supply planning decisions and improve sustainability outcomes.

If consumers won't change, then innovation will not be enough, we need to re-think the food supply chain so together we can feed the planet.

Who is KisanHub for?

Supply chain complexity

Are you procuring crops from a global and diverse supply chain?

Supply chain communication

Do you have challenges in connecting to, advising and managing your supply chain?

Supply chain visibility

Do you want 360 degree visibility and control through one platform to manage your agri-food supply chain?

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